“To become a doctor”is the usual response you almost hear in every child when you asked them about their dreams, and I know you have dreamt about it, too, when you were their age. And right now, you are getting closer to realizing that dream of becoming a doctor.Doctors become doctors for several reasons. First, it is engraved in their hearts to help people particularly those who are deprived of proper healthcare. Two, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the world and also one of the hardest to earn professions. Third, it is a well-respected degree.

Being a “Doctor” is More Than Just a Profession

Prestigious as it may sound, earning that title “Dr.” before your name comes with a lot of obstacles that you need to surpass for several years. The battle can be foughtas a team together with other aspiring doctors and sometimes the battle needs to be fought alone. To gain such a title, you need to have a rigorous discipline to yourself because being a doctor is not just a profession; it involves managing the overall healthcare of your patients under a pressurized environment that demands accountability.

Challenges in Med School

            To be able to administer the right healthcare for your patients, you need to acquire extensive knowledge and skills in the field of medical science. This can only be attained in medical schools, where you will be exposed to a fast-paced curriculumthat requires effective coping and study skills because of the following mental stressors:

  • High risk of burnout due to heavy workload and hectic schedule.
  • High risk of developing mental problems such as anxiety and depression due to frequent relocation that disrupts the support networks and learning styles of med students.
  • High risk of developing personality disorders due to perfectionism, competitiveness, and imposter syndrome.
  • Prone to experiencing distressing situations like exposure to patient’s death as they develop high empathy towards their patients.

To prepare you for these med school challenges, choosing the best liberal arts colleges for pre-med is the best solutionto condition your mind, soul, and body for this highly demanding noble vocation.

Criteria for Choosing an ExcellentPre-Med School

            Pre-med is not an actual course. It is a preparatory stage for aspiring doctors that aids them in developing a solid foundation necessary for any medical career, and an excellent pre-med schoolhas the following features:

  • A diversified population of students encourages cultural openness
  • Conducts sports events to develops sportsmanship and camaraderie among students
  • Encourages independent living through residential campus
  • Harness the full potential of students through health-related extracurriculars
  • Has excellent counseling, health, and wellness services that safeguard the mental health of students
  • Offers a conducive learning environment with a good student-teacher ratio
  • Offers a complete liberal arts curriculum
  • In great partnership withother prominent universities

Therefore, choosing a pre-med school with an excellent curriculum can aid you in positioning yourself in a prominent hospital.