All about home ties and their build-up 

The relations that we inherit from our birth and genes that is the relation of blood, which we generally regard as family relations. All our intergenerational roles, responsibilities, and conflicts had been permeated with the help of our family relations, background, and 홈타이.

Whether it be the relation of a son or daughter with their mom and dad or internal relation of brother-sister, uncle – aunt, or grandparents, all come with blood and birth. The basic lifestyle of any person depends on all these. The knot of marriage also plays a very important role in any person’s lifestyle. Many changes and stabilities of life depend on all these types of relationships and level of 홈타이 that we are interconnected to our spheres.

Challenges in a home tie 

In today’s everyday world there are a lot of changes in patterns of marriage and divorce, childbearing, and women’s employment. Due to this, we can also see an ever-increasing complexity along with various consequences in the personal and family lives of individuals.

Individuals gain the strength to survive various stress related to work and life by getting their social relations and family members by their side. Whether it be a mother’s care to her children and family, or a children’s love and duty to their parents, or be it the comfort sharing zone of a couple, in all the cases there is an effect of mutual sharing and assistance in between the members of the families all the time.

Importance of family and relations 

Our family helps us to overcome every challenge in our life. Thus, it is also important for us to value and respect all types of relations and home ties. Sharing family stories and memories can also help as this can help the children and the younger ones in the family appreciate things that aren’t obvious but of great importance, or such things they have forgotten. In any family acknowledgment and appreciation is very important. Appreciating each other’s differences, talents, and abilities, and using each other’s strengths is the most hidden secret of any strong family.

Our families and relations are proved to be reliable and stable sources of social support and care. They are the most meaning full sources of social contact or social support throughout one’s whole life that people experience as home ties. All these relations are very close to every individual having a special place in our hearts and can be maintained with a little effort made to be in touch.