Inspection of the Top Synthetic Urine Drug Test Kit

Synthetic Urine Kit to pass the Drug Test

When you have the urgent need to take a urine test but don’t have enough time for it, and there is no way to escape the process, then a synthetic urine kit does the task for you. It mimics the exact urine in colour, foam, and smell too.

While going for a court visit or any other government procedure, you might come across a situation to go for a drug test. These fake kits help you pass the test with fake urine that gives the exact results. But buying a synthetic urine drug test kit that gives the false results undetected by the urinalysis is not as easier as it seems. Due to the advancements in the detection process, the falsification by some kits is easily caught in the results.

What is the Best Kit?

Here is a probe into some of the top-rated synthetic urine drug test kit brands currently available in the market. Some of them are:

  • Test Clear

It is a well-reputed brand that does not have any artificial preservatives. In addition, the price is cheap with a reusable temperature strip.

The drawback of this kit is that heaters are single-use and cannot be reused.

  • Quick Luck

It does not need mixing, making it easier for the user. In addition, the chances of passing the test are increased due to its updated formula.

It is a bit costlier as compared to other brands.

  • Sub Solution

The kit provides the best realistic formula. In addition, the formula used is toxins-free.

It does not have a pre-mix making it difficult to use.

  • Urinator

It is a high-tech device that accurately regulates urine temperature with a reusable kit.

They don’t provide the batteries to heat the device.

If you are a first-time user and have doubts about picking the right kit that gives accurate results, then be aware of the basics of these kits and the process of usage to make it easier for you.